PARTNER (ERN-PAEDCAN Partner: Paediatric Rare Tumours Network – PARTNER) is a three year 3rd Health Programme funded project running from January 2018 to December 2020. The project is a collaboration between 6 associated partners from Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Poland and 21 collaborating stakeholders.

PARTNER focuses on the creation of a Paediatric Rare Tumour European Registry dedicated to children and adolescents with VRT (Very Rare Tumours) linking the existing national registries and providing a registry for those countries not already having a registry for VRT in place.


  • Creating a comprehensive EU platform dedicated to the improvement of care for children and adolescents with VRT
  • Harmonising data in the existing national registries in collaboration with the JRC registry platform
  • Linking the EU registry with a virtual consultation system
  • Providing a registry for those countries that do not already have a registry for VRT in place
  • Enabling detailed diagnostic/treatment recommendation that can be easily accessed by EU healthcare providers
  • Increasing the capacity to provide international consultation and foster access to expert diagnosis, and treatment improving the chances of cure for children with VRT across Europe
  • Improving care for patients and reduce inequalities in cancer outcome across EU Member States.

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